Great Earthquakes In Diverse Places


Great Earthquakes In Diverse Places
Bernard Pyron

Luke 21: 11 says "And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines,
and pestilences;
and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven."

Jim McCanney, the unorthodox astronomer, in his March 17, 2011 broadcast
focused on the
earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant problem in
Japan, plus the lack of preparedness of both the Japanese and the
rest of the world for disasters, especially including the United

McCanney said that the company, General Electric, who built the
nuclear power plants in
Japan used weapons grade plutonium. You can type in " weapons grade
plutonium in Fukushima nuclear power plant." in Google.

According to McCanney it was not necessary to use weapons grade
plutonium in nuclear power plants. Apparently the company used it
because it was cheaper since the Soviet Union and other nations were
disposing of weapons grade plutonium. But, McCanney said, weapons
grade plutonium is more dangerous when a disaster happens to a nuclear
power plant.

In addition, as has become apparent, the nuclear reactors in a power
plant have to be kept cool, or serious problems will develop. And –
the nuclear power plants in the world are dependent upon the
availability of electricity. When a great earthquake (Luke 21: 11),
hits, it can cut electric power lines whch may not be repaired quickly
enough to avert a meltdown of the reactors. The result can be a
release of radiation which is more dangerous due to the use of
weapons grade plutonium.

McCanney said that radiation is picked up in dust, etc and gets into
the jet stream, which in the northern hemisphere moves west to east.
He said there are nuclear power plants in California which, like
those of Japan, have weapons grade plutonium. If a great earthquake
hits California and shuts down the electric grid there, the jet stream
will carry the dangerous level of radiation east over the United

The problem, McCanney said, is that neither Japan nor the U.S. is
prepared for such a disaster. Neither country has stockpiles of food,
an adequate supply of water filters or other necessary items which
would enable many to survive such a disaster. He said that in the
fifties we had grain stored which could last seven years, but now we
are totally dependent on trucks to bring food into the supermarkets, a
system which is vulnerable to disaster.. The West, or the developed
nations, including Japan, are run on the basis of making money.

McCanney didn't talk much about the New Madrid fault, but there is a lot
of talk on the Internet about it. Here is one article:

"Using new techniques to scan sediments thousands of feet beneath the
Mississippi River bottom, University of Memphis researchers noticed a
troubling crack that showed up like a bone fracture on an X-ray.

It was an earthquake fault — crisscrossing the river in front of Memphis."

The previously unknown fault lies well outside the New Madrid Seismic
Zone, a network of fissures zigzagging from near Cairo, Ill., to
Marked Tree, Ark., about 35 miles northwest of Memphis.

The seismic zone triggers hundreds of small quakes each year and
during the winter of 1811-12 generated a series of massive shocks
believed to be at least magnitude 7 in strength."

"A quick comparison of the New Madrid, MO fault and the FEMA chart
show a prediction that the New Madrid fault has the propensity to
become active with devastating changes on the horizon. Most
guesstimates explain that the New Madrid fault has a 90% chance of
movement by 2040, the FEMA chart shows the probability before 2013.

As you look at the 'boot heel' of Missouri on the map on the left, you
will see a lot of activity similar in shape to the chart on the right
which shows the Mississippi River expanding like an inner sea. The map
on the left shows the center of activity covering three states –
Missouri, Tennesee and Arkansas. The chart on the right shows the
confluence of the three states to be underwater, encompassing the
'boot heel' of Missouri. "

"Also, you will notice that the New Madrid fault drops down below sea level…"

Another site says:

"What BP has done is that they have uncorked an "oil volcano" that is
violently spewing oil and gas out of the floor of the Gulf of Mexico
so violently and with such pressure that it is beyond the capacity of
human technology to control it. Millions upon millions of gallons of
oil have already been pumped into the Gulf of Mexico, and millions
upon millions more will continue to be pumped into the Gulf before all
of this is over. So could all of this violent activity on the floor
of the Gulf of Mexico spark seismic activity in the region that could
potentially be absolutely catastrophic? Could this "oil volcano"
cause an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line…?

Those are legitimate questions.

Nearly 200 years ago, earthquakes rattled the New Madrid fault line
that were so powerful that they are still talked about today.
Fortunately, at the time the areas impacted were not highly populated
so the damage was minimal. But similar earthquakes today would impact
millions of people.

The truth is that there were four earthquakes in 1811 and 1812 along
the New Madrid fault that were estimated to have been magnitude-7.0 or
greater. It was reported that those quakes opened deep fissures in
the ground and that they were felt as far away as Boston."

"a retired Texaco geologist-geophysicist named Jack M. Reed who has
been studying the geology of the Gulf of Mexico for over 40 years
believes that the Gulf of Mexico is currently tectonically active.

In fact, Reed believes that it is the Gulf of Mexico that is the
likely origin for New Madrid seismic activity.

According to Reed, there is evidence that the New Madrid seismic zone
is directly connected with geological features in the Gulf of

"This northeast trending earthquake zone appears to connect with the
northeast trending Monroe Uplift, the LaSalle Arch and, possibly, to
an active seismic zone located in and around Sabine Lake on the
Texas-Louisiana border."

Not only that, but Reed believes that the key to unlocking the mystery
behind the New Madrid fault zone lies in examining the "deeply buried
tectonics" in the Gulf…"

"Because if the "Big One" does hit the New Madrid fault, the cities of
Memphis, Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri will essentially be
destroyed. In addition, there would be devastation in a host of
surrounding states including Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana,
Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.

So just how bad would the damage be?

Well, according to a study publicly released this week by the
University of Illinois, it is projected that a 7.7-magnitude
earthquake along the New Madrid fault would leave 3,500 people dead,
more than 80,000 injured and more than 7 million homeless."

However, earthquakes cause much more damage to large cities than to
rural areas – and a mobile home is much lighter than a heavy regular
wood or stone house. A travel trailer would probably survive a great
earthquake without tearing apart too much.

Here is the last site for now:

1. Move 100+ miles from the coasts.
2. Move 200 feet above sea level.
3. Move away from volcanoes and super volcanoes like Yellowstone in
northwestern USA.
4. Move away from earthquake/seismic/avalanche/
fault zones like the
New Madrid Fault Zone in central USA.
5. Move away from dams that will break.
6. New Madrid pops and the Mississippi River Valley up to lake
Michigan will be shaken to mud and washed away.
7. Move away from nuclear power plants to become compromised.

Rolla, Missouri is only 1148 feet above sea level. Its only 110 miles
east to the Mississippi river.


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