Life Spans of Zero Moote and Most of His Children

Life Spans of Zero Moote and Most of His Children
Bernard Pyron

The other day after I found out on Facebook that Dave MacPhearson, a
Christian writer, was driven from his home in Kansas by a storm and
flooding on a nearby River, I tried to find where Fannie Horton Moote
is buried, apparently in the next county to the west from where
MacPhearson lives with his wife. He is about my age. I didn’t find
on the Internet where Fannie’s grave is. Its probably in Osborne county,
Kansas, down in the SE corner near where they lived. MacPhearson lives
on the Solomon river in Mitchell county.

The life spans of Zero Moote and his six children who survived into
adulthood indicate a longevity greater than average, especially for
Zero who lived to be 86 or 87, and his two sons, Lewis and Arthur, who
lived into their late eighties. The average
age at death for American men is now at about 75 and was younger in
earlier years.

I will probably put this on a blog.

Fannie Horton Moote is my grandmother. She was the wife of grandfather
Zero Moote.

Fannie wife b. Aug. 1864 age 35, married 15 years. born in New York
Fannie Moote died on June 2, 1903 a week after giving birth to Hazel Fern.

Hazel Fern Moote was the “lost aunt” who was raised by the Davis family
after her mother died in 1903. Apparently the Davis family lived nearby in
Osborne county, Kansas. The Moote family tradition said Hazel Fern was
taken out of
Kansas by the Davis family and “lost.” She lived in the flat part of Colorado.

Katie Soto who provided much of the information on the life spans of the Mootes is the
grand daughter of Hazel Fern Moote and my second cousin.

Name: Zero Moote
Death Date: 17 Mar 1945
Death Place: Sutherland Springs, Wilson, Texas
Gender: Male
Race: White
Death Age: 86 years
Estimated Birth Date:
Birth Date: 22 Jul 1859 I saw another date for his birth
somewhere; it said 1858.
Birthplace: Ontario, Canada

The above information was sent to me by Katie Soto, a descendant of Hazel Fern.

I think Fannie and Zero Moote had eight children. George died young
and Hattie died when apparently a teenager. They had two sons who survived,
Lewis and Arthur. When I was growing up I knew of two sisters of Mother,
Aunt Bessie and Aunt Helen. Much later I learned of the “lost aunt,” Hezel

Name: Bessie Kilborn
SSN: 450-17-7104
Last Residence: 78201 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, United States of America
Born: 6 Mar 1898
Died: Feb 1987

This is Bessie Moote Kilborn, Mother’s sister. She lived to be 89. I got this
information from Katie Soto.

I believe Aunt Helen died at an earlier age than did Aunt Bessie.
Mother, Mable Moote, born 1894 and died 1974, lived to be 80.
But Mother had heart problems for a number of years before
her death from a heart attack.

Here is what I found on Lewis Moote:

“Lewis Henry Moote (1886 – 1974)
Born in Osborne, Kansas, USA on 1886 to Zero Moote and Fannie A
Horton. Lewis Henry married Iva Pearl Earnest and had 5 children.
Lewis Henry married Dora. He passed away on 1974 in Luray, Kansas,
USA. ”

Lets see if i can find Authur Moote:

Sutherland Springs Cemetery M-R
Sutherland Springs, Wilson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Moote Arthur January 18, 1892 to June 28, 1981

This is mother’s brother. He lived to be 89.

Here is another site on the dates of Arthur Moote:


January 18, 1892 June 1, 1981 89 years TX 78140 (Nixon,
Gonzales County) 78140 (Nixon, Gonzales County)

Here is the date of Zero’s birth and when he came to the US from Canada:
Census data:
Moote, Zero head b. July 1858 age 44, married 15 years, came to U.S. in 1864
Fannie wife b. Aug. 1864 age 35, married 15 years. born in New York
Lewis H. son b. Oct. 1885 age 14 b. Kansas at school
Hattie daughter b. Jan. 1888, age 12 b. Kansas at school
Arthur A. son b. June 1892 , age 8, b. Kansas

Anabel daughter b. March 1894, age 6, b. Kansas This is Mabel Moote Pyron
George son b. April 1896, age 4 b. Kansas
Bessie daughter, b. March 1898, age 2, b. Kansas
Helen daughter, b. May 1900 0/12 , b. Kansas

Hazel Fern Moote b. on May 26, 1903.

I remember going to see grandfather Zero and his second wife Belle
near Sutherland Springs, Texas perhaps in the late thirties and/or
early forties. But I don’t remember him. I remember Belle’s birds.
I do remember uncle Lewis Moote who came to see Mother I think soon
after World War II and spent several days with us. I remember the
cigars he smoked. But he made it to 88.

I don’t know very much at all about uncle Arthur Moote, except that he
was in World War I and may have been wounded. He apparently came to
Texas from Kansas with Zero Moote and the daughters, Bessie, Mabel,
Hattie and Helen. One of the sites given above associates him with
Nixon, Texas in Gonzales County.

More on the Mootes:

My message to Katie Soto June 15, 2011: “Apparently the Moote
descendants of Zero inherited higher than average intelligence,
despite the interpersonal problems in the family. Mother, for example,
has one son and two grandsons with Ph.D. degrees. David Bush, Mary’s
son, is a Ph.D. cotton breeder, and Mark Pyron, one of my sons is a
Ph.D. tenured professor at Ball State College in Muncie, Indiana.”

Hi Bernard,

Fannie Horton Moote is buried at Delhi Cemetery, in Osborne County,
Kansas. It is a small cemetery, but her headstone is quite grand.
Osborne County is in northern Kansas next to Russell County where
Lewie Moote lived. I used to live in Wichita, so it was only about a 3
hour drive for me in 2000.

You are correct that it seems that descendants of Zero Moote are quite
intelligent. My sister, Deanne Larson, has a PhD in finance, and my
brother, Eric, is an aerospace engineer at NASA in Houston. They
always did well in science and math too. My brother could beat my
father at chess when he was 9 years old, and he won the New Jersey
state chess championship in the early 80s when he was in high school.
My father was an airline pilot for Pan American World Airways. You are
a learned man yourself.

Ellen Lampman remarried a man of Iris (Irish?) descent in Iowa after she left
Henry Moote. She stayed near Pharaoh Moote and his family in Iowa. I
will see what I can find about Doris Kilborn. It should not be too
difficult to research.

Ellen Lampman is my great grandmother, the mother of Zero Moote.
Pharaoh Moote is Zero Moote’s brother.

Doris Mae Kilborn

Birth 7 SEP 1924 in San Antonio, Bexar TX USA
Death 11 DEC 1993 in San Antonio, Bexar TX USA

So, my first cousin Doris Kilborn, daughter of Bessie and Ernest
Kilborn, lived to be 69.

Here is her burial information:

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
about Doris Brown
Name: Doris Brown
Birth Date: 7 Sep 1924
Death Date: 11 Dec 1993
Relation: Wife of Brown, Lloyd Weldon
Interment Date: 16 Dec 1993
Cemetery: Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX 78209
Buried At: Section 21 Site 1808

Doris was a Major in the Air Force? But it says here “Wife of Brown,
Lloyd Weldon.”
I know her husband ,Lloyd Weldon Brown ,was an Air Force officer, because
I talked to him once when I was at Lackland Air Force base in 1951 and he was
I believe a Captain then and in charge of a training squadron.

She (Doris) had two sons according to the Texas Birth Index:
View Record Name Birth Date Birth County Father’s name
Mother’s name View Image Order Record
View Record
Lloyd Weldon Jr. Brown 18 Aug 1946 Bexar Lloyd Weldon
Brown Sr. Doris Mae Kilborn
View Record
Larry Allen Brown 14 Feb 1957 Travis Lloyd Weldon
Brown Doris Mae Kilborn
2011-06-15 18:44:21


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