Revelation 6: 2-8,The Four Horsemen, Interpreted By Daniel 7

Revelation 6: 2-8,The Four Horsemen, Interpreted By Daniel 7
Bernard Pyron

On a Christian forum a guy said: “Revelation cannot be interpreted apart from the Old Testament because all of its symbolism and imagery is pulled directly from it.”

In Revelation 6: 2-8 there are images given for each of the four horses. But the four have to be interpreted as a set, and by other scripture. You cannot say one horse is the super one man, THE anti-Christ, and another is Islam, for example, though one or more of the horses could include something about the anti-Christ spirit and Islam.

In the Old Testament, where do you find sets of four entities? In Daniel 2: 31-43 there is a set of four images, which represent kingdoms, in succession, the gold, silver, brass and iron (mixed with clay) kingdoms. In verse 38 Daniel says to Nebuchadnezzar “Thou art this head of gold,”meaning that Babylon was the gold kingdom, followed in succession by the silver, which is Persia, then the brass, which is the Greek kingdom and last the iron or Roman kingdom.

There were two kingdoms before Babylon, the Egyptian and Assyrian kingdoms, making six kingdoms up to and including Rome. In Daniel 2: 44 Daniel says God himself will set up a kingdom which will stand forever. This kingdom was the seventh in succession and was set up “in the days of these kings,” in other words during the time of the Roman empire.

The seventh is the rest of God (Hebrews 3: 15-19, Hebrews 4: 3-4, Revelation 17: 11). Man was created on the sixth day (Genesis 1: 26-31) and so we might say that the six kingdoms up to and including Rome was the time of man. And then the seventh, spiritual kingdom, arrived during the time of Rome. Revelation 17: 11 indicates that the beast moves out of number seven into number eight. Number eight is a mix of God’s kingdom with man’s kingdom which is an apostasy.

So we can say that the kingdom succession could repeat after the kingdom of God appears. In other words, after the Cross there could be another set of six kingdoms, leading up to modern times.

We see another set of four entities in Daniel 7: 4-8, which are represented by the lion who first had eagle’s wings, then the bear, followed by the leopard, and the fourth was dreadful and terrible. These are the four beast empires. But in history, after the Cross, there were the Holy Roman Empire, and the Empire of Spain, both totally Catholic. Adding the earlier Holy Roman and Spanish empires, there are six empires up to the present time.

But the British empire rose up when the Spanish Armada was defeated and for several centuries was powerful. In 1917, the Soviet Union or Russian empire began, and in a dialectic reaction against that, the Nazi German empire began in about 1933 when Hitler came to power. There was a strong non-Catholic influence on all these empires, including the dreadful and terrible beast empire, which is the last, that might be seen as the U.S. and/or some sort of world government, that is a mix of the British (Lion), Russian (Bear) and Nazi Germany (Leopard) empires. England had a strong protestant influence, and so did Germany and the U.S.

We can fit these last four beast empires as a set of four into the four horsemen of Revelation 6: 2-8. The white horse is the British empire. Daniel 7: 4 says it has a man’s heart, suggesting it is not quite as evil as the other beasts. But the white horse beast carries with it the ideology of usury. the Bank of England played an important role in introducing usury banking as a ruling principle in the modern world. Daniel’s King of the North in Daniel 11 in modern times is empowered by usury, creating money out of nothing, loaning it to people and collecting interest and taking much of the people’s money in the process to make the big bankers rich and powerful.

The red horse is the Soviet Union and its ideology is Marxist. So the red horse also represents Marxism and this includes cultural Marxism which was introduced into the U.S. in the fifties and is important now in our culture and politics. Marxism includes the dialectic as an attitude or belief changing procedure. Remember the Marxists talk about dialectical materialism?

The black horse is Nazi Germany. Following the end of World War II the U.S. imported a number of former Nazi intelligence officers and scientists, and introduced an influence in the U.S. from the black horse. The black horse’s influence can be seen in the power of giant corporations. Remember that in Nazi Germany there were huge corporation structures, such as one called I.G. Farben. It was a huge chemical and drug corporation. Bayer company and some other drug companies then were part of IG Farben. So the American drug corporations which are so powerful can be traced in part back to black horse drug sorcery.

The U.S. is on one level the pale or green horse. Its a combination of the other three horses. The usury banking system coming from England is an important ideology which has empowered the American empire, which took on cultural Marxism, and some of the ideology of Nazi Germany after 1946-47, and the creation of the national security state.


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