The Present Age of the Psychopath

The Present Age of the Psychopath
Bernard Pyron

We are not only living in the end time period of great deception from almost everywhere,
but this is also the age of the psychopath. The psychopath was around in all of
history, since he or she is a prime minion of Satan the deceiver. But now in the United
States and in the western world – and in other nations in that orbit – the psychopath is more
evident and has more influence on society than before.

Psychopaths move into occupations and positions from which they are better able to dominate
and persecute others. And – there are common psychopaths who have some cunning but are not
too bright, and there are other psychopaths who are high in intelligence and are better able
to deceive people into thinking they are not psychopaths. So, many thieves and murderers are
psychopaths, and some elected politicians are psychopaths. Psychopaths of the more intelligent
variety can be found among the financial elite. Bankers are in a position to dominate and persecute
others, and those of this profession who are psychopaths must be having a field day during this recession or depression taking the homes and lands of people who are not able to make payments on their mortgages. In fact, usury, or charging interest on loans, can be seen as a device of intelligent
psychopaths for stealing the money and possessions of the people. This is why the Bible has a number of texts warning God’s people not to impose usury on others,especially not on poor people.

Exodus 22: 25
is the first text saying that God’s people must not impose usury on the people.

The usury bankers appear to have more influence upon the federal government than on the states, at least on laws limiting the interest rate banks can charge. This does not mean than local state courts favor debtors more than the banks. The federal government has no limit on interest rates. And – in 1978 the U.S. Supreme Court held unanimously in the Marquette National Bank of Minneapolis versus First of Omaha Service Corporation case that nationally chartered banks can charge the legal rate of interest in their state regardless of the borrower’s state of residence. The Supreme Court in effect said in 1978 that the usury bankers are superior to states which have limitations on interest rates. And so credit card banks moved their operations, or part of them, to states which have no limit on interest rates or the limits allow very high interest rates. Right now, for example, Chase Bank is charging some credit cardholders 29.99 percent interest, which is usury run amok.

Collection agency workers, attorneys who collect debts bankers claim are owed to tham and some judges
in local courts who allow these predators to take money from vulnerable people may also be psychopaths.

Psychopaths tend to be predators upon those of society who are more vulnerable – because of poverty, age, lower intelligence or from other factors. Attorneys, some people in law enforcement, child protection services social workers, elected and unelected persons in government at all levels, including those in the alphabet agencies, some heads of huge corporations, and scattered people in almost all
occupations are psychopaths.

In the fifties and sixties, and before, psychiatrists and psychologists were interested in the characteristics of psychopaths, and called these people with this character disorder psychopaths. The chief
traits of the psychopath are his or her lack of morals, or lack of a conscience, a desire to put something over on others by way of deception, and to get the best of others, and they are chronic
liars. There are more male psychopaths than women psychopaths, but women as psychopaths seem to have been increasing in recent years.

But to call them psychopaths and to imply they are immoral was not something the psychiatrists
and psychologists wanted to continue doing after the sixties and seventies. Psychiatrists and psychologists do not want to imply that some form of behavior is immoral, and that a mental disorder might be against morality. This might even get into Christian morality and the Bible which is something the shrinks want to avoid like the plaque. So they began calling the behavior traits of the psychopath “Anti-social Personality Disorder.”

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth
Edition (1994) the psychopathic personality disorder is called the
Antisocial Personality Disorder.

In the Diagnostic Manuel Antisocial Personality Disorder is said to

“failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behavior”

“deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying…or conning others for
personal profit or pleasure.”

“lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to…having hurt,
mistreated, or stolen from another.”

But lets look at what a 1978 book, The Psychopath, says about this
pesonality disorder. In the 1978 book, The Psychopath: A Comprehensive Study of Antisocial
Disorders and Behavior, by William. H. Reid, he reports that a study
of psychopathic children found they had a lack of guilt, or lack of
conscience, which is common to psychopaths. They also engaged in
“pathological lying,” and they tended to steal things. The members of
the highest level of the financial elite probably do not steal things;
instead, they steal billions of dollars from the people.

Reid reports that adult psychopaths are manipulators who want to
control others. Does this trait sound like members of the highest
level of the ruling elite, or financial elite? Psychopaths get
satisfaction from having put something over on other people – by
deception. This is exactly what the financial elite has done with the
Federal Reserve scam involving creating money out of nothing, loaning
it at interest, using the IRS as a collection agency to collect money
from the people to pay the FED, and having lesser banks charge the
people so much usury that the majority of them suffer economic
hardships of some kind from it. And the members of the financial
elite have no guilt for doing all this to us. We let them do it to
us, didn’t we?

At least three American presidents were assassinated after they
severely criticized the usury bankers or tried to go back to lawful,
Constitutional money-creation by having the government issue U.S.
notes. Lincoln and Kennedy were murdered soon after they had the
government issue U.S. notes, which suggests that the big bankers have
a criminal nature. Criminality is often a part of the makeup of the
psychopathic personality.

I went to a 1978 book on the psychopath in part because by 1994 and
the Fourth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders they no longer call this personality disorder a psychopathic
disorder. It is called Antisocial Personality Disorder. The Manual
says those with this disorder are characterized by “failure to conform
to social norms with respect to lawful behavior.” Antisocial
Personality Disorder also involved “deceitfulness, as indicated by
repeated lying…or conning of others…and a lack of remorse by being
indifferent to…having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.”

The traits of the common psychopath appear to fit to some extent what
we know of the elite international usury bankers. They may try to
manipulate people, deceive them, tell lies, engage in massive theft,
and appear to have no conscience over their crimes against humanity.
But in the book edited by William H. Reid, Frank A. Elliott says
psychopaths have some cognitive deficiencies. They may have an
inability to distinguish between fact and fantasy, and may fail to
learn by experience. Elliott says psychopaths may be unable to
remember what they should have learned from past experience and have
an “incapacity for direct association and abstract thought (page

The common psychopath has some cognitive problems, that is, he is not
usually the sharpest knife in the drawer, though he may have a
certain amount of conning in dealing with others. In contrast, the
super psychopath of the oligarchical families of the ruling elite have
greater intelligence, and can plan ahead much better. They can carry
out their plans in some detail and have a knowledge of human nature
that they use successfully in many instances. They can apply to
specific situations in the real world abstract ideas such as the
Hegelian Dialectic in which they create a problem, and behind the
scenes offer a solution that moves the people they are manipulating
toward the goals of the
ruling elite. Without the creation of that problem, the manipulated
people would not have moved in the direction wanted by the elite.

We could say that something like a more intelligent form
of the psychopathic mentality was behind the creation of
the dialectic method for changing attitudes and beliefs
in small group dialogue. The dialectic is deceptive. Its a way of
putting something over on unsuspecting group members to change their
beliefs away from absolute truth
and absolute morality and get them to compromise for the sake of
opinion, consensus and feelings. Look at
Luke 11: 14-27. Here is an example of the use of the
dialectic in the New Testament. Christ cast a demon out of
a man, since he was still fully God in man’s flesh. This is the
thesis. The Pharisees or their followers in the group
gathered here though – and in other accounts actually overtly said –
that Christ was casting out demons through the power of Satan. This
is a striking opposition to the thesis, and its called the
antithesis. The clash between thesis and antithesis calls for a
compromise or some solution that takes away the stress of the
opposition. In Luke 11: 27 a woman in the group suddenly says “Blessed
is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked.”
Seemingly, the group of Jews could agree with this. But spiritually,
its a compromise, because it puts
the emphasis upon the physical, on the flesh. The dialectic sidesteps
the main issue of a debate and in a deceptive way tries to compromise
the clash between two opposing parties.

Christ was teaching spiritual truths didactically and Satan was inspiring the
Pharisees to reply by use of the dialectic. So, Satan is the author of
the dialectic, which is a deceptive method of imposing
one’s beliefs on others, to put something over on them,
as a psychopath might want to do.

But – the dialectic is still a method, and first became popular during the
sixties and seventies in the encounter group movement. To some extent
this modern use of the dialectic as a deceptive attitude change procedure
grew out of earlier work on group dynamics within social psychology. Kurt Lewin
was the founder of the group dynamics movement in the late forties and early

A group facilitator became, over time, the person who manipulated
the group first into being more cohesive and then into compromise and consensus on
some issues. The facilitator led group members to want to be accepted by the
group and to obtain pleasure from being accepted. In group therapy, feelings were emphasized
over cognition, especially by self psychologists like Carl Rogers, one of my Wisconsin
professors in the sixties. Feelings and opinions are emphasized in encounter groups
over knowledge in order to help group members arrive at a consensus on attitude positions.
The dialectic, though, is not in itself an attitude position. It is not a belief system, a doctrine
or a set of beliefs. Some people who have recently joined the Christian Remnant think the dialectic
is a set of beliefs or a doctrine that is evil and anti-Christian. Though the dialectic does come out
of such an evil and Satan-inspired system of belief, it is in itself a method, not a position. Its
the method of the Dragon, and in Revelation 13: 11 the second beast is said to look like a lamb, but
speaks as a dragon. His speech as method of arguing is of the dragon; its the dialectic.


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